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Fortune Benjamin is a Nigerian medical student, academic, & professional writer. He enthusiastically publishes works of literature, and articles on health, psychology, business, & personal development.
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How to Make a Performance Improvement Plan for Employees

Talking of performance improvement plan attendance, a performance improvement plan (PIP) is a

6 Min Read

What Happens If I Am Fired While On Workers’ Comp?

What happens if I am fired while on workers comp? During work, casualties are bound

5 Min Read

10 Wealth Management Strategy for Small Business Owners

Wealth management for small business owners can be difficult most times. As

8 Min Read

How To Craft A Strategic Church Marketing Plan

With church-going in decline, a church marketing plan is more important than

16 Min Read

6 Smart Strategies for Owning Multiple Businesses

Running or owning multiple businesses is advantageous. With one as the main

9 Min Read