Getbarter: Uses And Benefit To Your Business

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Getbarter by Flutterwave: Today, new technologies have emerged in different countries and cities of the world. Likewise, African countries, including Nigerians are not excluded from this fast-growing technology.

Nigeria is becoming one of the fast-growing countries with the help of many tech companies in its major cities.


These technology companies have come up with different means of helping both businesses and entrepreneurs move their business transactions from 0- to 100 around the world.

Gatbarter is making it possible for anyone to initiate a business transaction securely right from their living room to someone abroad quickly.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer, you don’t need to have a business bank account in other to receive money from a client abroad. Still, with barter by Flutterwave, you can do this easily.


Now let’s outline how the barter app can help your business, how to withdraw from Getbarter, how to create a dollar virtual card, and how you can pay with barter in Nigeria.

Getbarter by Flutterwave

The barter app allows you to send and receive money from your friends, families, and even customers globally. With the barter app, you can also create a virtual dollar card to pay for your online transactions.

Barter by Flutterwave has some unique features whereby you can request money from customers, family, or friends using either email or phone number; this makes it act like PayPal.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or freelancer who has some remote workers abroad, you can send money or pay their salary by using the barter to barter feature, Bank transfer, WhatsApp, and for iOS users, you can send money to wristband/card.

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How you can pay with barter in Nigeria

Barter by Flutterwave is a multi-payment app, which you can use to create virtual cards and make payments globally.


So using barter to make payment in Nigeria is easy because almost every advanced person in Nigeria must be using the barter app; even if they don’t, whenever you make the payment to them in Nigeria using their phone number, they would be notified.

Meanwhile, you can still send payment using the bank transfer method on the barter app

How to create a dollar virtual card on barter

With a dollar virtual card, you can pay for anything online, both Facebook ads, Google products, Netflix, Hostings, and many more.

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So in other to create a virtual dollar card in barter by Flutterwave, you would need to have a balance of 5 dollars in your default card balance. Usually, the card creation costs $2, but with the new update, Card creation is now a minimum of $5.

First, you would need to fund your account using your debit card or bank account ( Firstbank and Gtbanks Only are supported in Nigeria for now), bank transfers, or loans from Migo money.


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After the funding is successful, head over to the homepage of the app and click on the + icon that says “Tap here to create your dollar card now,” you would be asked to choose a custom card, showing you images like Facebook, Google, Netflix, and others, here just ignore and click continue so you can create barter dollar card and use to pay for anything.

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Because if you select any of the icons bearing Facebook, Google, or Netflix logos on them, you might end up using the card just for the platforms you selected while creating the Virtue Card.

Next, input the amount you would love to fund in your card including the card fee, and complete the rest process.

How to withdraw from Getbarter

Withdrawal from Getbarter is as easy as withdrawing from your mobile bank app if you already have money in your wallet to withdraw either in your dollar wallet or your local currency wallet.


You would look under the wallet tab to find the withdrawal, now select the wallet from which you would want to withdraw from, and input the amount you would love to withdraw to initiate a bank transfer.

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The transfer would be done to the primary account created by the barter while creating an account with the barter app. Download Barter By Flutterwave Android for iOS users Download here


Using barter by Flutterwave would help your business grow by allowing you to receive payment from any country and extend your business from local to international. If you have any questions, you can use the comment box below.

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