How To Become a Chemistry Major (Step by Step)

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How To Become a Chemistry Major: Becoming a chemist can be very tactical as you need to be sure of what you want exactly.

As there are various specializations for you to pick from, there are also various things to consider.


What does it mean to be a Chemistry Major?

This is a general program that focuses on the scientific study of the composition and behavior of matter, including its micro-and macro-structure.

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And also the processes of chemical change, and the theoretical description and laboratory simulation of these phenomena.

Chemistry majors are therefore curious, analytical, and self-starting leaders. They have strong written and verbal communication skills and are good at math, physics, and biology.


A chemistry major may like to perform several experiments and work with their hands.

Chemists also perform research, working with various substances to study their chemical interactions.

What are the Possible Jobs of a Chemist?

Obtaining a degree in Chemistry opens you up to a lot of job opportunities. Below are some of these jobs you are likely to get into as a linguistic major.

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Analytical Chemist

As an analytical chemist, you’ll use a range of methods to investigate the chemical composition of substances. Your aim will be to identify and understand the substance and how it behaves in different conditions.

With this job, you can earn an average of $61,068 as your annual salary.


Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to solve problems. These may, however, involve the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products.

Here, your salary depends on your level and years of experience and therefore may range between $100,500-$109,904.

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Chemistry Teacher

A chemistry teacher is a specialized science instructor who teaches the chemical properties and processes of substances under a wide variety of conditions.

Chemistry teachers, therefore, inform students about the uses and dangers of chemicals and how to safely conduct experiments and report documents and articles depending on the specific field involved.


This work is actually divided into two sectors meaning you can teach in a secondary sector or however teach in the tertiary sector.

Here, your salary is pretty ok not minding whether you work as a main or in colleges home as a substitute. You however earn anything between $49,350 and $73,500.

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These are the highest-paying jobs you can get as a Chemist. However, other job opportunities include, being a Forensic Scientist, being Geochemist, becoming a Pharmacologist, etc.

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Is Becoming a Chemistry Major a good idea?

Chemistry is highly worth it, however, it’s a bit more complicated to get satisfying employment than it is in other majors.

If you really have a passion for it you are sure to enjoy every bit of it, starting from pursuing the degree to graduating and getting to work in a firm.

Chemistry jobs, however, can be very competitive depending on where you reside and the profession you want to pursue.

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Aside from this, you get to earn a good sum for being a chemistry major in any specialization.

How to Become a Chemistry Major

Becoming a Chemistry major requires one to go through certain training and get some certification.


These are gotten based on decisions and include actions such as:

Taking the appropriate courses in high school

These include all college-track courses, plus you should try to get as much math and science as possible. If you can, take high school chemistry because it will help prepare you for college chemistry.

Make sure you have a solid understanding of algebra and geometry.

Pursue a bachelor’s degree in science

If you want to be a chemist, the natural choice of a major will be chemistry. However, there are related majors that can lead to a career in chemistry, including biochemistry and engineering.


An associate’s degree (2-year) might land you a technician job, but chemists need more courses. Important college courses include general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, and calculus.

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Gain experience

In college, you’ll have the opportunity to take summer positions in chemistry or to help with research in your junior and senior years.

You’ll need to seek these programs out and tell professors you’re interested in getting hands-on experience.

This experience will help you get into graduate school and ultimately land a job.


Get an advanced degree from a graduate school

You can go for a Master’s degree or doctorate. You’ll choose a specialty in graduate school, so this is a good time to know which career you want to pursue.

Therefore, it is important to note that Individuals interested in studying Chemistry might pursue a master’s, or doctoral degree.

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Depending on what type of specific career positions might be available with government agencies, schools, or businesses.

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Get a Chemistry inclined job

Don’t expect to start your dream job fresh out of school. If you got a Ph.D., consider doing postdoctoral work.

Postdocs gain additional experience and are in an excellent position to find a job.

Top Schools to Pursue a Degree in Chemistry Major

You can, however, pursue a Chemistry Degree in different schools across the vast world.


However, here are the best colleges with Chemistry Major.

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You’ll need to take advanced courses to become a chemist, so it’s not a job you pick up right out of high school.



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