Top 10 Best Skating Schools in USA (2022)

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Skating Schools in USA

The following are the top ten skating schools in USA. Enroll and advance your career. You might even win an Olympic medal for a hobby that turned into a career.

If skating is a passion of any person, he or she can apply for admission to any of the skating schools in USA and join the skating team.


Skating is a healthy and positive event, and there are schools that turn their attention to training people on how to skate.

The best part is that your child can start attending any of the classes as early as age five.

What Is Skating?

Skating refers to any sport or recreational activity that entails moving on floors or on ice while wearing skates. Skating on ice, concrete floors, and glacier are all examples of the types of skating.


Speed skating, figure skating, and ice staking are all terms you may also come across. These belong to the ice category. Inline and freestyle are performed on hard surfaces.

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A skating rink is also the location and environment in which people skate.

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What are the Types of Skating?

There are 3 different types of skating which depends solely on the terrain or type of surface on which the skating is done, namely:

1. Ice:

Using ice skates to move around on the ice. Ice skating is classified into three types which are:

  • Figure skating in which people, duos, or groups operate on ice using figure skates.
  • Speed skating, a competitive form of ice skating in which contenders race each other on skates over a set distance.
  • Tour skating, which is a recreational sport that involves long distance ice skating on natural ice.

2. Hard Surfaces:

  • Roller skating is the movement of a roller skate across a surface.
  • Inline skating is a type of skating that takes place on surfaces using skates with a single line of wheels.
  • Freestyle slalom skating is a type of inline skating in which tricks are performed around a straight line of equally spaced cones.
  • Inline skates are used for vert skating, which is done on a vert ramp.
  • Inline speed skating is a roller skating sport that involves racing on inline skates.
  • Road skating, like road cycling, is the sport of skating on roads. It has a lot in common with inline speed skating.
  • Artistic roller skating is a sport similar to figure skating in which competitors run on roller skates rather than ice skates.
  • Skateboarding is an action sport that involves riding a skateboard and performing tricks.
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These are the possible forms of hard surface skating you can find on the planet.

3. Snow:

A snow-skate is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard that is designed to allow for skateboard-style tricks on the snow. Depending on the brand or style of snow-skate, there are numerous types.

Snowskates is a term that refers to ice skating shoes that are used on snow.

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What is the Difference Between Ice Skating And Figure Skating?

Ice dancing is viewed as a ballroom dance on ice, with people observing and judging the routine performed on the ground. Nonetheless, they dance to the beat and rhythm of music, and competitions can be held using music with voicing. Furthermore, ice dancing is done in pairs, and there are no jumps or throws.


Figure skating, on the other hand, focuses on jumps, lifts, death spirals, and spins. There are competitions for both pairs and men’s and women’s singles. While figure skaters are graded on their connecting footwork between all of those elements, ice dancers are graded on the precision of their footwork.

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How much Does it Cost to attend any of the Skating Schools in USA?

If you’re the parent of a young, aspiring skater and you’re curious to know if skating is a viable passion or even more, it might help to clarify how much money and effort it would take to fulfill the child’s skating dream. Skating time and cost estimates are provided below.

learn-to-skate classes are typically paid for in a series. Many ice arenas charge $100 for ten weekly group lessons.

Skate rental is normally added to the original cost of a learn-to-skate lesson. Some beginners return to the rink once or twice per week to rehearse for an additional hour or two.

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Additional practice sessions cost $5 to $10 per hour, but some ice arenas include a free practice session as part of group lesson tuition.


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What Are The Top Skating Schools in USA?

We ranked the skating schools in the United States that provide skating lessons at multiple levels higher than those that would only offer skating lessons at one level.

It is fair to think that skating schools in USA that provide their students with the opportunity to compete in skating competitions, as well as the promise of turning them into professional skaters, are superior to those that do not.

The main activities of these Academies are solely sporting programs. Some of the best of these skating schools in the United States are:

1. The Skating Club of Boston

The Boston Skating Club is a skating club in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the earliest skating schools in the United States, founded in 1912. Having a founding member of U.S. Figure Skating, the sport’s governing body in the United States.


All the same, it has risen to the top of the rankings as one of the best skating schools in USA. It is common knowledge that older wine tastes better. Sure, it employs the world’s most experienced skating trainers.

2. RDV Ice Den Figure Skating Academy

Figure Skating Academy, another one on our list of best skating schools in the United States, offers a variety of membership benefits! Academy members have access to exclusive information about price cuts, teasers, the option of purchasing Academy jackets, and the chance to register in the Academy Class.

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After completing the Learn to Skate levels, skaters progress to our Academy Freestyle class. It is primarily for members who want to learn more about Jumps, Spins, and Moves in the Field. This is similar to a school, with campus seminars and breaks.

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3. Big Bear Ice Arena Skating Academy

This school, located in Denver, provides enough to be regarded as one of the best skating schools in the United States.


It specializes in youth and adult hockey, skating lessons, and ice skating. There are 11 programs in total. If we’re being honest, this is a lot.

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Finally, the Figure Skating, Hockey, and Public Skate programs offer fantastic opportunities for youth, teens, and adults alike. Big Ice has a program for everyone, whether you’re just learning to skate or have been skating for years.

4. PETIT Natoinal Ice Center

These Top Honors Program tutors are ready to help you if you want to skate in tournaments or just want a fun workout substitute.

As a result, it houses the racing track for US Olympic training. It offers classes for youths, speed skating, teens, free/figure skaters, hockey, and inline skating. As you can see, the programs are diverse.

A facility capable of hosting Olympic training appears to be far above average. Meanwhile, it is regarded as one of the best in the United States.


One of the main reasons it ranks first on our list of staking schools in the United States is that every student receives free public staking admission to use throughout the staking school session.

5. First Coast Skating Academy

The Learn to Skate classes, which are held at the Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex, focus on teaching the fundamentals of skating in order to prepare for a successful transition into figure skating or hockey. Each level is led by one of our certified skating instructors.

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All classes are divided into four categories: junior, hockey, adult, and senior academics, as well as specialty classes. If we have to make a recommendation, this is one of the best skating schools in the United States.

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6. Nashville Skating Academy

Nashville Skating Academy is essentially a year-round learn-to-skate program that can assist you in mastering the skill of skating. There is a skate class for you or your child regardless of age or skill level.


Actually, at NAS, classes are divided by age. Children aged 3 to 5 years are typically placed in the Snow Plow Sam 1 class, while children aged 6 to 15 years are placed in the Basic 1 class.

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Adult classes, on the other hand, are for people aged 16 and up. However, you progress through the classes once you have mastered the skill for your class.

7. The Center Skating Academy

The Center Skating Academy has a few programs in addition to the existing skating that other skating schools in the United States offer. Figure skating, ice dance, synchronized skating, and hockey skating skills are some examples. Furthermore, hockey is taught in all of our schools.

As a result, we are situated in the heart of The New England Sports Center, training people of all ages with the assistance of excellent coaches. It is one of the best figure skating schools in the United States.

8. Sun Prairie Skating Academy

So, for the time being, SUN Pair does not offer adult classes. For the time being, they are only for the Snow plan and the basic 1.


There are also freestyle classes available. It is worth noting that they have professional teachers and a high standard with strict rules such as no make-up classes.

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They train children and adults the basics of ice skating while erecting skillsets. They have over 50 years of collective coaching experience.

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9. Skating Academy – NYTEX Sports Centre

The fact that we labeled this as number ten does not make it any less important than the others. Some aspects of skating schools in the United States like this are superior to others.

For example, while others have beginner classes 1 and 2, This school has three clubs, including a competitors club.


Aside from that, it has learned to stake class in four stages prior to the hockey class.

10. Cincinnati Skating School

One of the best aspects of these programs is that their classes are taught in small groups of 7 or more people. Furthermore, the classes are divided into age groups ranging from class 1 to class 6.

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There are, however, two additional classes: the Bridge Team for CSS advanced skaters and the Specialty Class for those who require additional instruction in Moves in the Field, Dance, Jumps, Spins, and Artistry in Motion.

But currently the Cincinnati Skating School has closed down since june 2019.

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Skating engages practically every core muscles in the body, and gliding necessitates synchronized leg movement, which is beneficial to joint flexibility. It also strengthens the leg and abdominal muscles. Skating, like any other workout, is beneficial to cardiovascular health because it gets the blood pumping and the heart rate up. This article gives you a list of the best skating schools in USA to choose from.

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