Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

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Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students: In Australia, you can comfortably get a good school at yet an affordable price.

This is therefore one of the reasons why Australia remains the best for international students to pursue a course.


Are there any good Universities in Australia

Australia is home to plenty of prestigious universities, that are highly ranked and well-known around the world.

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Hence, giving you plenty of options for reaching some of the best professors and teachers.

Average University Tution Fee in Australia for International Students

According to, the average tuition fee for international undergraduate students was AU$30,840 (~US$22,170) per year in 2020.


This However, tells us that as an international student, you can get into a good university in Australia for an affordable price.

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Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

We have taken our time to gradually rank below the cheapest schools you can get into as an International student in Australia.

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We ranked these schools based on their estimated tuition fee for international students.

Charles Darwin University

Tuition for International Students: $21,041


Charles Darwin University is an Australian public university with the main campus in Darwin and eight satellite campuses in some metropolitan and regional areas.

It was established in 2003 after the merger of Northern Territory University, the Menzies School of Health Research, and Centralian College.

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University of Queensland

Tuition for International Students: 31,920AUD

The University of Queensland is a public research university located primarily in Brisbane, the capital city of the Australian state of Queensland.

Founded in 1909 by the Queensland parliament, UQ is one of the six sandstone universities, an informal designation of the oldest university in each state.

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Victoria University

Tuition for International Students: 18,816CAD

Ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide, Victoria University (VU) offers world-class qualifications in two of the world’s most liveable cities.

Therefore, aside from being among our list of cheapest universities in Australia, it is a fantastic school to attend.

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Southern Cross University

Tuition for International Students: 16,160AUD


Southern Cross University is an Australian public university, with campuses at Lismore and Coffs Harbour in northern New South Wales, and at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland.

It is also ranked in the top 100 young universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

University of Southern Queensland

Tuition for International Students: INR17. 2L

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The University of Southern Queensland is a medium-sized, regional university based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, with three university campuses at Toowoomba, Springfield, and Ipswich.

It however offers courses in law, health, engineering, the sciences, business, education, and the arts.

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Torrens University

Tuition for International Students: AUD 23,900

Also on our list, Torrens University is a cheap private university in Australia.

It opened in the year 2013, making it one of the youngest universities in Australia.

University of the Sunshine Coast

Tuition for International Students: AUD 24,400


The University of the Sunshine Coast or USC first opened its doors in the year 1996.

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From a measly enrollment rate of 624 students, USC has grown into a big public university of 10,242 students, and 18% of them are international learners.

It has also progressed as one of the best universities in Australia despite its relatively young age.

University of New England

Tuition for International Students: $21,276

Not to be confused with the one in the USA, the University of New England (UNE) is a public institution located in Armidale, New South Wales. It opened in the year 1938 as the New England College of the University of Sydney.


But in 1994, it merged with the Northern Rivers College to form the present-day UNE.

Federation University of Australia

Tuition for International Students: $17,335

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The Federation University or FedUni is a public university based in Ballarat – with branches in Churchill, Stawell, Horsham, Ararat, Brisbane, and Berwick. Founded in 1870, it is the fourth-oldest higher education institution in Australia.

With the tuition fee starting from $17,335 USD per year, the Federation University of Australia is, therefore, the cheapest university in Australia for international students.

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These schools made it to our list for having their cheap and affordable international tuition fees. However, these tuitions may vary from school to the location of the candidate.

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