Gateway Christian School: Things You Need to Know

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Gateway Christian School is number 5 in the Best private K-12 schools and top Christian schools in New Mexico.

Gateway Christian School is an above-average, private school located in ROSWELL, NM.


It has 290 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1.

After graduation, 75% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.

About Gateway Christian School

In 1968 Red Deer Christian School was opened.


In June of 1999, the Red Deer Christian School Society became a part of Red Deer Public School District # 104, whereby the Red Deer Christian School became a Christian Alternative Program.

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As of June 2004, Red Deer Christian Alternative Program changed its name to Gateway Christian School.

In September 2008, GCS partnered with Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School to expand its programming to include High School courses, with their first graduation in June 2011.

Gateway Christian School provides students with a unique K-12 opportunity within the public school system.

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Reasons to Attend GCS

Though the school may not have the most resources, through no fault of their own since their funding is public, it still provides its students with tremendous opportunities.

The greatest one being Dual Enrollment. Students get to pay a fraction of what it would cost to attain the same credits after high school and can earn up to an Associate Degree.

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Up until junior year, classes are not challenging; however, if a student chooses not to do Dual Enrollment, the rigor does not increase.

One of the best things about GCS, also, is its religious discipline.

GCS is full of people from different cultures and even allows students time to educate each other on their heritage through school-wide presentations. 


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Acceptable Rankings for Gateway Christian School

Gateway Christian School is a notable school, is, however, number 5 on the list of best private K-12 schools in New Mexico.

It is also number 13 among the best private High schools in New Mexico.

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And also number 28 out of 48 on the list of most diverse private high schools in New Mexico

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What SAT/ACT do you need to get into Gateway Christian School

A minimum SAT of about 940 is good enough to get you admission into this amazing school.

But if your SAT score doesn’t get to the required minimum, you can as well try to make an average of 21 in your ACT to still qualify.

It may, however, interest you to know that besides getting into this being quite stress-free, you stand on an 87% chance of graduating. So you have a win-win opportunity if you admire being part of this school.

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The total minority enrollment is 39% as GCS is one of the best public schools for grade 6-8 students.

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GCS Tuition fee

The Gateway Christian School happens to have a tuition of $5,250. This moreover, is an average for their yearly fee for some of the grades.

The stated tuition, however, is for the highest grade offered and may change for each school year. Therefore for more information, please contact the school.


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