Top 15 Military Schools For Girls In USA for 2022

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You can be a girl and still be enrolled in military schools for girls. The Security of the nations has gone beyond strength, it now, however, needs expertise in terms of Technology, Coordination, and Detective missions.

In this article, we want to, therefore, discuss the top 15 military Schools for Girls you can find and enroll in the United States.


What is a military school?

Military schools are often referred to as boarding schools owned by the military whose primary purpose is to instill discipline and also hard work in an academic setting. 

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Military schools instill principles such as respect, discipline, accountability, and leadership via rigorous academic and physical training, which varies depending on the school.

Through rigorous training sessions, they, therefore, assist students in becoming more responsible members of society. Military school can also help students discover their hobbies and career paths.


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How much is Military Schools for Girls Tuition?

The cost of attending military school varies depending on which institution you attend and which state you live in. Military school tuition fees are usually determined by the school’s reputation and location, as previously stated.

In the United States, the average cost of a military school for Girls is $30,000–$40,000 a year.

Why Let Your Daughter Attend Military Schools for Girls?

Military schools have always been a popular choice among parents, and they have lately expanded to include college prep programs.


Academic standards in these schools have risen, and military schools are even more selective in their application selection than they were previously.

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Families choose military schools for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to help your child develop self-esteem or leadership skills for a lifetime, today’s military schools provide both challenges and opportunities.

Furthermore, despite their differences, all military schools have the same goal.

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What are the Top 15 Military Schools For Girls in The USA?

Females can also attend a variety of military schools in the United States. However, for the sake of this article, we will concentrate on ten of them.

So, to efficiently rank these greatest military schools, we used a few characteristics. The rankings for the best military schools for girls in the United States are as follows.

The number of amenities available at a secondary school is defined by the grades it provides.

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1. Kenosha Military Academy

Kenosha Military Academy as one of the best military schools for girls is a public high school that offers a variety of career opportunities.

Female students in grades 9-12 are, therefore, admitted to the Kenosha Military Academy.


JROTC also provides extensive instruction to students at Kenosha Military Academy. KMA students take courses supported by the US Army for four years. These classes are, however, intended to teach students about cooperation, leadership, and security systems.

School Portal

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2. Randolph-Macon Academy (Military Schools for Girls)

Since 1892, the Randolph-Macon Academy (R-Ma) has been a privately owned, military-based private academic facility. The School is, however, open to students in grades 6 through 12 and has about 370 students.

The Military School for Girls is in Front Royal, Virginia, which is about 69 miles from Washington, DC. The school is, however, linked in two ways. The first is with the United Methodist Church, and the second is, however, with the United States Air Force.


The academy’s objective and mission is to prepare cadets for life’s difficulties by teaching them how to succeed via education, civic responsibility, personal character, as well as leadership development.

3. Massanutten Military Academy

With a total number of 120 students, the MMA is open to grade 6-12 PG Students. The Massanutten Military Academy is also a mixed boarding and day school located in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

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The Massanutten Military Academy has a long history of helping students reach their full potential. Our holistic education approach not only helps your students achieve academic results but also helps them become balanced people.

Apart from the Military Structure, the School focuses also on character and academic excellence.

4. Franklin Military Academy

The Franklin Military Academy is a mixed secondary school located in the Richmond City School District. Founded in 1980, the Academy is, therefore, the first public military school in the United States. The School is open to 300 students from the 6 to 12 Grades.


The school, moreover, uses the military model to prepare students to acquire academic and professional qualifications upon graduation. The School has also received awards of Excellence in various categories Including the best High School.

5. Texas Military Institute

The Texas Episcopal School is a mixed preparatory school for students in grades 6 to 12 that is located in the Texas Hill Country in the state of TMI.

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It has a long and illustrious history that dates back to the year The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas founded TMI in 1893, and it has since grown to become an excellent academic community.

The cost of middle school is $19,745. Upper school tuition is $37,860 for five days and $41,520 for seven days. All tuitions include lunch, breakfast, and dinner for upper school students.

School Portal

6. Texas Maritime Academy (Military schools for girls)

The Texas Maritime Academy (TMA) is an integral part of the entire Texas A & M University Galveston. This subsidiary of Texas A & M University, however, focuses more on marine and marine studies.


The main campus occupies 135 acres and is located on Pelican Island, in the Gulf of Mexico.

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With over 50,000 Students, the School is, therefore, open to Female Undergraduates pursuing a degree in Maritime or Maritime-related Courses.

7. Camden Military Academy

A historic old town, the fourth oldest city in America, is located in the heart of the South. Camden, South Carolina, is in the city, and the Camden Military School is also located there.

The academy is designated as a non-denominational, non-sectarian institution. The School is, however, only open to young women aged 7 to 12.

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8. US Naval War College

The US Naval War College is open to only College Students especially females Naval War College is often called NWC and is located in Newport, Rhode Island.

In this college, members of the armed forces from all branches of the US Army study for a Master of Arts degree. Founded in 1884, it is the oldest military academy in the world. Every year, there are Over 600 students.

9. Oak Ridge Military Academy

The Oak Ridge Military Academy is also a mixed military preparatory college. The academy is located in the rural community of Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

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The school is currently the only federal board based on the military model. The academy is dedicated to developing leadership skills and is, however, for students in Age grades of 7-12 with a Cool Acceptance rate.


The School is open to cadets from the International Community. I.e Students from North Carolina and California, China and Russia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe and the Middle East.

 10. Military Leadership Academy

Female and male students between the ages of 6 and 11 are eligible to attend the Military Leadership Academy. Charlotte, North Carolina is home to the Marie G. Davis Military Academy and World Leadership Academy.

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This school is part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and also provides educational opportunities for students. Even though the academy’s name includes the term “military,” it has nothing to do with training camps or academic curricula.

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11. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

The United States Merchant Academy (USMMA) is a prestigious academy where officers from various branches of the US Army, Transportation, and States Marine have been trained and accredited.

The USMMA, also called Kings Point known, is located at 300 Steamboat Road, Kings Point, NY 11024. The colors of the Academy are Gray, Blue, and White.

It can, however, never be an easy task being a student of USMMA. Discipline, Tolerance, Endurance, Competition, as well as Survivorship, must learn to be fit for the future.

12. SUNY Maritime College

SUNY Maritime College is the largest marine college in the United States. It was founded in 1874 and is at the same time the oldest state-recognized university of oceanography.

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The school is part of the system of the State University of New York. The waterfront campus is located in historic Fort Schuyler in the Bronx, New York.


The SUNY Maritime College has over 2,000 Students Pursuing their Undergraduate & Graduate Programs in the School.

13. New York Military Academy

The New York Military Academy (NYMA) is a private boarding school for men and women.

The school is located in New York, specifically in the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall-on-Hudson, the upper Hudson River, and at the foot of Storm King Mountain. NYMA has over 200 Students between the ages of 7 to 12 years.

14. Military Academy at West Point

Established in 1802 by an Act of Congress, the US Military Academy West Point is the oldest and perhaps most prestigious of the Federal Service Academies. Thomas Jefferson chose the location at the mouth of the Hudson River to protect the then capital of New York.

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The Military Academy at West Point is open for a four-year Bachelor’s Degree in various courses. Since its founding, the U.S. Military Academy has had as its primary goal the preparation of cadets to assume leadership roles as U.S. Army officers.


15. Military Institute of New Mexico

The Military Institute of New Mexico is the only state-sponsored mixed military internship in the United States. It is also a two-year junior college. The kids range in age from 9 to 14.

Some students attend school for the whole six-year curriculum. Others stay until they graduate from high school and then transfer to one of the five service academies across the country.

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These military schools are mostly for female students. You can enroll in any of them for the finest training experience.




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