Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in Texas USA

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This post, on the other hand, is a comprehensive publicized study on the best boarding schools in Texas. For certain households, boarding school is regarded as a ritual and a family legacy.

Nevertheless, if that’s not the routine in your family, a boarding school may still be an option for your child if their current school falls short in numerous ways, or if your family is facing a massive change that will interrupt academic achievement.

Even if boarding schools are really beneficial to students, it is critical that you set aside enough time to carefully research where your wards’ new academic home will be. So keep reading to know more.

Why Attend a Boarding School in Texas?

If you had ever questioned why parents would take their kid to a boarding school even though there are public schools, private day schools, and community colleges available?

Because it points out, parents have had several justified and well-reasoned reasons for enrolling their children in a boarding school. Find why you may also want to take your children to a Texas boarding school;

Educational Concentration: Students at boarding schools are motivated to concentrate on their studies. Small class sizes, mandatory study hours, and assistance from hostel study sessions can all help you get better grades.

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Mental Issues: A troubled student may require the extra attention and personal instruction that only boarding schools can provide.


Environmental Change: Boarding schools allow parents to remove their youngsters from a toxic atmosphere.

Offshore Work: From time to time, parents must take a trip or work in parts of the world that are not suitable for their child. Boarding schools provide a safe haven for students while their parents are away.

What is the Estimated Cost of Boarding Schools in Texas?

The cost of boarding schools in Texas is usually determined primarily by the quality of service provided. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the type of school is usually another factor that influences how much you pay for boarding school in Texas.

Private institutions, for example, are unquestionably more expensive than public high school boarding services. Furthermore, additional services and lodging options may raise or lower the average pay for Texas boarding schools.

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In summary, the median boarding school tuition is $38,850 per year. Although some colleges may keep charging as little as $20,000 or less, others on the more expensive side may charge as much as $60, 000 or more.

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Are International Students Accepted at Texas Boarding Schools?

Many Texas schools accept international students. Actually, many corporate and Theologian Texas boarding schools implement a framework that helps students condone and live together in peace regardless of racial backgrounds available at college.

This is an absolutely amazing fact about Texas boarding schools. Essentially, they establish great potential that aid in the advancement of cultural understanding and the formation of global friendships.

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As a result, Texas boarding high schools not only accept international students but also provide an environment in which international students can thrive.

What Age Is Appropriate for Boarding Schools?

You could be curious to know what age is appropriate to take your children to boarding school. You don’t want them to be unable to deal with the environment or the disconnection from home.

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It is advised that your child attend a hostel school between the ages of 8 and 13. But even so, age does not always indicate readiness.

That’s why we advise you to consider a few factors before enlisting your kid in a boarding school.

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What are the Best Texas Boarding Schools?

If your kid performs best at a special talent or subject, boarding school may be an option to consider. And here are a list of the best you can pick from:

1. The Hockaday School Texas

Acceptance Rate: 19%

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Tuition:  $61,621

This Dallas, Texas boarding school only accepts girls in kindergarten level and through twelfth grade. It is an academy that has a strong belief in the possibilities of young girls.

As a result, the syllabus is designed to assist students in developing all-around to become independent women in whichever field they pursue.

According to alumni, this all-girl boarding school in Texas operates a small boarding society that is comforting, conducive, and academically supportive.

2. Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School

Acceptance Rate: 50%

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Tuition: $62,850

In general, this Houston boarding school provides a nurturing and challenging learning environment. Students learn from all of the fascinating opportunities available in the neighboring major metropolitan area.

The schools are ranked 20th out of 314 in the Top Boarding Schools in America. As a result, this is a decent choice for your ward as well.

Classes are typically held in small groups, with an average class size of 19 students.

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3. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Texas 

Acceptance Rate: 54%

Tuition: $63,340

This Texas boarding school is globally known for its outstanding academic opportunities. However, apart from its preparatory school syllabus, the school promotes all-inclusive studying in a welcoming atmosphere.

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The environment is academically friendly, with beautiful scenery and state-of-the-art facilities, and is located on a 370-acre campus. Classes are taught by distinguished, dedicated, and accessible faculty members.

Basically, if you are worried about your ward’s overall development, you should take into account, St Stephens School.

4. The Village School

Acceptance Rate: 50%

Tuition:  $70,800

Essentially, as an international organization with a large student body, it is dedicated to raising lifelong learners who are inquisitive and capable of critical thinking.

It also advocates for a creative teaching strategy, particularly in Math and Science, that incorporates the genuine collaboration needed to lead the next generation into an ever-changing world.

If students live in the greater Houston area, they can choose a 5-day boarding option or a 7-day boarding choice.

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5. TMI – The Episcopal School

Acceptance Rate: 85%

Tuition: $44,840

This is one of Texas’s best boarding schools. Texas boarding school, founded in 1893, is located in San Antonio and serves students in grades 6-12.

It provides a coed boarding facility for all interested students. With a total enrollment of 432 students, this private Christian boarding school accepts a certain percentage of them.

About 90% of its graduates go on to attend a four-year college. Lessons are demanding, with students spending nearly eight hours per day in class.

6. San Marcos Academy

Acceptance Rate: 80%

Tuition: $31,500

If you stay in Texas and would like to have kids home every weekend, this is a great option for wads.

It provides a college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes leadership development, a strong fine arts department, and ESL classes for international students.

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With a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8, students attend classes in groups of 9 on average.

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7. The Brook Hill School Texas

Acceptance Rate: 80%

Tuition: $48,975

Brook Hill Texas is a Texas Christian boarding school. It is undoubtedly one of the best unisex boarding schools in Texas.

Amidst the fact that it provides an academically rigorous syllabus, students will learn in smaller classes while instilling Christian values.

It provides 27 AP and credit courses, and students can also choose over 100 college hours whilst still attending boarding schools. Every year, all graduating students from this Texas boarding high school gain easy admission into colleges, and the majority of them are accepted by their first choice.

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8. Marine Military Academy

Acceptance Rate: 98%

Tuition: $35,000

Your kids develop the psychological and emotional tools necessary to navigate the path ahead. A secured, school setting that nurtures responsibility to society, country, and one another is necessary for success.

All of its students are from other countries. Even so, classes are available in small groups of 11 students on average.

The majority of MMA graduates are easily accepted into four-year colleges.

9. Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

Acceptance Rate: 98%

Tuition: Affordable

If you have a stubborn daughter, this is undoubtedly the best choice for you. Students’ psyches are primarily affected by youthful enthusiasm and adolescence changes.

Notwithstanding, if you believe it is going too far and that extra-disciplinary measures are required to have your daughter back in shape, Thrive Girls is your safest bet.

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It provides a syllabus that assists in the transformation of poorly behaved, violent, or scary young ladies into decent and mature young women.

10. New Hope Boys Home

Acceptance Rate: 97%

Tuition: Unknown

This is a boarding school next to Austin, Texas that works on troubled boys aged 12 to 17. This is undoubtedly the best choice for people who have sons who are mishandling their growth.

If your wards appear to be unable to cope with the adolescent crisis, puberty and display unmanageable youthful enthusiasm, merely use the visit school button.

A trip to the virtual school will provide you with compelling reasons why your ward should participate in this Texas boarding school.

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Is Financial Aid Available in Texas for Boarding School Students?

There are financial aid options for both deserving and need-based students. According to a National Association of Boarding Schools report, nearly 37% of boarding school students receive yearly aid.

Both need-based students and award-deserving students receive yearly support from the right authority with help from the school’s financial aid packages, as well as merit-based and foundation scholarships.

However, several high school grants and scholarships are available to both college and high school students.

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This review summarizes and ranks Texas boarding schools to make your job easier as a parent. Students in grades 9-12 are primarily targeted.

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