How to Get Into Online school | Simple Steps

Getting into an online school is easier than getting into a traditional school, but many students still do find it difficult. However, we have dedicated this article to how to get Into an online school so you can understand the processes.

How to Get Into Online school

Since online school has become the most popular and easy way to study abroad from the comfort of your home, many people have decided to jump into it.

Especially during these Covid-19 period, online schools has gained more students than traditional schools, but the question is “How to get into an online school”.

Well… like said above, we would be treating on each steps to get into an online school, the best online schools and the easy ones to get into.

But before we list the steps on how to get in an online school, lets answer some popular worrying question about online schools.

Is Online School Better Than Traditional School?

We can’t say Yes neither are we going to say No, it all depends on your field of studies and your reasons.

If you are an international student then it would be better because it would help you cut the cost of travel, and also it flexible.

Online schools allow you to study abroad while working in your country, but traditional schools won’t give you the time to work as an international student.

There also some other reason you could consider online schools as been better than traditional schools, Like;

  • Parental Involvement: At a traditional school, parental involvement is often limited to things like reviewing homework, attending parent-teacher meetings. But with online school, parents have many options for being involved in their children’s education.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: While parents have little to no control over a traditional school’s schedule or learning environment, online school parents can set the daily routine and have the flexibility to cultivate an effective learning atmosphere for their children.
  • Personalized Learning: As with flexibility, many traditional schools can’t offer as much personalization as online schools. It’s not that the educators aren’t dedicated or willing to assist students individually, but the plan of managing a classroom full of students makes it difficult or nearly impossible to do so.
  • Safe Learning Environment: Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar schools, the online school offers parents the ability to control their child’s learning environment. Parents can be sure their children are learning in a safe, secure atmosphere that is free from the bullying and peer pressure that is sometimes found in a traditional classroom setting.

Are Online Schools Legit?

The simplest answer is yes, but only if the online school is accredited by a reputable agency. Online schools with no accreditations may likely be a scam.

If you are applying for an online program make sure it accredited because all Online schools are subject to the same accreditation requirements as brick-and-mortar schools.

How Long is an Online School Day?

While attending an online school, you are expected to be working on online class assignments for an average of three to five hours per day, but also keep in mind that you will be required to scheduled a break in order to keep working at your best potential.

How much does online middle school cost?

The costs of attending an online middle school vary widely. As with traditional schools, online public programs are virtually free, whereas private programs have designated tuition enrolled families must pay.

Steps on How to Get Into Online School

Getting into an online school requires a few steps, these steps would help you know how to apply for admission into an online program, attendance and Items required for studies.

First we would start by knowing the items needed for online programs.

Before starting an online program, you should have access to a computer with a good camera, have access to a strong 3G network, but 4G or 5G networks are recommended.

Register on Common App website

Common application
common app website

Then head over to the Common App website to find an online college of your choice and create an account with Common App.

Now after opening the Common application website and about to create an account, you would see a screen like this below.

Common Application registration

While on the screen, you would be asked if you are a First-year student, Transfer Student, Educational Professional, parent, or other adult.

But here, we are registering as first-year students because we are just starting college for the first time. However, bear in mind that you must have a working email bearing your name to register for any online course.

Now the processes are simple you just have to fill the online form you see after clicking the “First-Year Student” button.

Then input your Email, Password needed for login, first and last name, phone number, date of birth, and address.

Note that the address that would dropdown depends on the location selected, so choose your own real address, not a random address.

Next is to tick the policy acceptance and indicate Which best describes you? I am: * then click on create account.

Select The College

After the registrations on the Common application website, head over to explore and select the college you would love to attend and directly submit all your applications.

However, application fee may be required or need-based fee waiver*. After then cross check all your document to see if they are correct.

Submit the application and check your application status to find out if there was any error or if your application was approved.

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