When Do You Start Showing In First Pregnancy

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First Pregnancy

The Question is When Do You Start Showing In First Pregnancy, well getting pregnant for the first time comes with a whole lot of emotions and feelings; such as excitement, fear, joy, and ecstasy, amongst others. But trust me, expecting a baby is actually the most beautiful feeling! Ever!

However, in this post, we will load you with lots of detailed information on all you need to know about when you start showing in the first pregnancy. Now to make things much easier for you, below is a quick navigation table of content.

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How do I know that I’m pregnant for the first time?

The symptoms of pregnancy are usually noticeable after two(2) weeks of conception:

You might not experience “all” of these symptoms. One or two of these symptoms might indicate pregnancy; especially for first-time moms.

When Do I Start Showing?

Most first-time moms are usually curious about when their pregnancy will start showing and the emotional drama that comes with it.

But there is actually nothing to be bothered about as there isn’t a set time when mums-to-be start to show a pregnant belly. You might love to check out these 3 effective ways to get rid of lower belly fat.

When to start showing in first-time pregnancy differs for every woman.


What are the factors that might affect when You start showing?


Your age can affect your growing pregnancy. Older mums start showing earlier than young mums, this often occurs. This is because younger women have more tendency to have stronger stomach muscles, which is liable to disguise their bumps.


Most times genes play a major role when you start to look pregnant. Ask your mum, sister or other female relatives on your mum’s side when their bumps began to show; this may give you some idea as to when your bump will appear.

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Your size can also play a part in your growing pregnant belly. If you have belly fat, your bump may be hidden in the early stages of pregnancy. But as your baby keeps growing, you will definitely notice a growing bump soon.


Early growing belly could also be due to the interesting fact that you actually might be pregnant with twins! Congratulations!

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With your first pregnancy, it generally takes a whole lot of time to show. But by pregnancy number two, your bump is prone to show about one month earlier than before. The reason is that your uterus never fully reverted back to its original size after your first pregnancy.

Also, your ab muscles have been stretched already and overextended, making a growing uterus sit more forward in the abdomen and become noticeable sooner.

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The resting position of your uterus influences when you start to show. You may have a retroverted uterus that tilts towards your back.

If so, you may show it later. However, some women have an anteverted uterus that slants forward and may cause you to show much earlier. You might also love to see Reasons Why Sleeping On the Floor Is Good for your Back.

What are the emotional stages of first-time moms when they start to show?

  • NOT LOOKING PREGNANT: The first stage; normally takes place in the first few weeks of pregnancy. You wonder if you are pregnant at all cause your belly isn’t protruding yet. Just hang in their momma, cause this stage normally doesn’t last! laughs!
  • YOUR BELLY LOOKS DIFFERENT TO YOU BUT NOT TO OTHERS: This stage begins at week 7 of pregnancy. Your belly looks like you’ve just had a huge meal! But this change is only evident to you, not to others.
  • BUMP STILL HIDDEN: This stage occurs around the second half of the first trimester(10 weeks or so). Most moms-to-be can still hide their protruding belly around this time. It might be evident only to you, your husband, and maybe some really close pals.
  • SHOWING DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU WEAR: By week 13, your belly begins to show; but this only depends on what you wear. So, if you still want to keep your pregnancy hidden; try putting on loose tops.
  • LOOK AT THAT ROUND BELLY: You likely start showing between 16 and 18 weeks. At this time, you can do ‘nothing’ to make people not notice that you are pregnant.
  • WHO’S THAT PREGNANT WOMAN: As you enter the third trimester, you finally begin to look like a ‘pregnant woman’; that you are of course. And it’s almost time to meet your baby. Congrats!
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