How to Make Money in NYC as a Student

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Make Money in NYC as a Student

Are you a student in NYC who wants to learn how to make money while still being focused on academics? Well in this article, we will look into some of the easiest ways to make legal money as a student. And most of them do not require any capital. Some of them even give you the right to choose your own work time.

If these descriptions sound right and interesting to you, then keep reading to get enlightened with great knowledge which you may not learn on your own.

Is Studying in NYC Expensive?

New York City has for several years been regarded as one of the most expensive cities in the United States. It is a very active commercial society housing multiple businesses and entrepreneurs.


All these in general make it a little hard for some people to cope with the expenses of living.

This also applies to its educational system, as tuition alone can range between $6,000 to over $50,000 annually. Now when it comes to the cost of living as a student, you will need at least $12,000 to live comfortably.

With all these, it is safe to want to know how to make money as a student in NYC. And we’ve got you covered. Below are some of our best options that you can try without the need for capital or severe experience.

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Best Ways to Make Money in NYC as a Student

Technically, to make money as a student you need to be very creative and innovative, and this applies in NYC also. You can earn a few bucks from little things that others may consider as inefficient. With no wasting of time, here are some of the best ways to make money in NYC as a student:

  • Become a Blogger
  • Start online/offline tutorials
  • Work as a T-shirt folder
  • Apply for Voice-over jobs
  • Uber driving
  • Go into Pet-sitting
  • Be a Housecleaner

1. Become a Blogger

Most times as a student, it’s a little hard getting time to actually go into physical work at a regular time. But as a blogger, you aren’t faced with such issues. You have the right to decide your own work schedule based on your school schedule and timetable.

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Blogging is the art of writing about something in detail either as new or updated content. It involves you making research about a particular topic or content and then writing about it on your own terms. This is mostly done online on ‘blog’ websites.

The best part of this is that you don’t necessarily have to go through the stress of starting a new blog. You can simply search for existing blogs, and apply as a writer to work with them and get paid per content.

2. Start online or offline tutorials

One of the powers you have over others as a student is your knowledge. Now if you also have the gift of teaching well, you are in luck.

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Many people will pay you a couple of dollars to learn a lot of things from you if you can tutor well. These students can, however, range from physical individuals to people you get to know online.

Hosting tutorials in the subject or course you know is a good way to keep learning and earning. So if you can teach, go ahead and give this a try.

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3. Work as a T-shirt folder

This may sound like a weird way to make money in NYC as a student, but it is in fact one of the easiest. New York is a city filled with wealthy people who don’t usually have time to do their laundry, hence they rely on dry cleaning services.

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Now, these dry cleaning services also need T-shirt folders to help them properly package shirts after laundry.

Now you’re getting the point right? If you can fold a T-shirt in the right professional way, you’re lucky. Go to the nearest laundry shops around you and apply to be their T-shirt folder. That way you can make money in NYC while doing a simple T-shirt folding even as a serious student.

4. Apply for Voice-over jobs

Here is another fun way to make money in NYC as a student, voice-over acting, also called voice acting. This job gives room for multiple applications which you can obviously take advantage of.

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Voice-over acting involves recording audio of what should be heard in a video without showing the actual speaker. Think of cartoons and other various animation videos as examples.

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Check out this high-rated voice-over job opportunities platform by clicking the link below.

5. Uber driving

As a student, making money by driving a car isn’t really for everyone in NYC. Sure, not everyone can drive, and obviously, not every student has a driver’s license. So feel free to skip this category and read the next one.

However, if you do have a driver’s license and you can drive, you can definitely make some part-time money with it. You can achieve this by either applying as a part-time driver under a transport company or borrowing a car from someone and using it as a taxi.

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But if you have your own personal car, then take this even further and register as an Uber driver today. So long as your car specs meet the minimum requirements, you are sure to get the job. With this, you can make anything between $5 to $300 per week.

6. Go into Pet-sitting

Are you a pet lover? Do you enjoy spending time with kittens or puppies? Can you take good care of other people’s pets for them? Well, then your quest on how to make money in NYC as a student is over.

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There are many people mostly students who have pets all over your neighborhood right now. And some of these people are too occupied to be with their pets regularly. You can offer to take care of these pets in your free time and earn some cool cash along with the fun.

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7. Be a house cleaner

Last on our list of how to make money in NYC as a student is becoming a house or apartment cleaner. Does that sound funny to you? Don’t worry you don’t actually have to go and become a house-help for the person. You are simply getting paid to clean up the house for the person, then you can go home till your next appointment.

Many people today are using this as a great way to make money in New York. Some have even established standard firms and organizations for cleaning services. Hence, you can also join any of these cleaning services firms if you do not have the courage to approach a random individual alone.

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Naturally, as a student in NYC, it is very essential to know how to make some money to cater to most of your needs. This article provides you with a list of some of the best-tested and trusted ways to make some money. Shockingly, you can even combine two or more of the above options if you want to.


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