4 Proven Ways to Make Money While In School in Nigeria

Okoma V.
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I have always gotten these questions, “how can I make money while in school?” is there any way to do this without having to miss my school activities?

For me, it’s never always easy to make money while in school because being in school, you have many projects, classes, and assignments to take care of. So if I tell you it’s so easy to make money while in school, then it’s a lie.


During my days in school, I used to have a cleaning job that pays off some of my bills including my notebooks and school fees.

But along the line, this cleaning job never gave me time to go to classes, do my assignments, and even take care of my projects, which were most of my reasons for starting the job.

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So I started searching for other means of getting money, though I’m not doing this because my family can not afford to give me money, but because I want to be independent of them.


While I was searching for other means, I came across a post on Google “40 easy ways to make money quickly” I looked at every step on the site, but none of them was easy for me.

However, some of the steps seem very easy but would require me to always be online, buying data that would still break into my pocket, and would still take time before paying. So I decided to figure out another way that worked for me.

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4 Ways to make money while in school

You can make money while in school with the methods below:

  • Helping With Project and Assignment
  • Becoming an Agent
  • Supplying Eggs
  • Selling Fast Food in School

1. Helping With Project

While in school, I started helping other students who are busy with other things to complete their school projects for cash.


This means also helped me to get my own project done and stay more focused, so I can have a very good understanding to help others for cash.

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At this time I started receiving more projects, which made me involve my friend who also made a good amount of money.

2. Becoming an Agent

Becoming an agent is another way to make money while in school, I have a friend who makes a lot of money as an agent in school.

But the only issue he had was going around to find new properties. He gets 10 percent of everything paid by the tenant and still never misses his lectures, assignments, and projects.

3. Supplying Eggs

There are so many students in the school who need eggs and on some on-campus streets that sell eggs, some of them find it difficult to go get the eggs from the poultry.


For this reason, they would buy from you if you have a good price, you don’t have to add much to the egg, and once you have more customers you would start making a lot of money and still have time for school.

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4. Selling Fast Food in School

Fast food selling on campus is a very lucrative business in school, especially if you are selling Toast bread, Egg (Mechai), or noodles.

So many young guys in school hardly cook and would always patronize you if you know what you are doing. Fast food selling has always been my favorite, I equally did this business while in school and found it fun and easy.

You don’t need much to start making money in a school with this little business, and that is why I love it. However, you would need some money to buy some items and space for the business.



Please while in school, never try using money to play bets or go into gambling in other to raise money, it is never a good idea to make money in school.

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