10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money in New York City

By Jeremy

Obviously, as an adult, you tend to ask yourself how you can make some easy money in NYC, especially if you reside in the big city. This content will try as much as possible to give you some great suggestions that probably don’t need any capital or investment.

These side jobs will help you cope with the excessive expenditures of living in this city, whether you’ve just relocated to NYC, ought to fund your high rent, or need to compensate for your vanishing housemates.

Is it Easy to Make Money in NYC?

New York City is most times referred to as the big city. This is because it is one of the most developed cities in the United States. With its level of development, there are multiple chances of making money.

If you reside in New York, and you have what it takes in terms of skills and ability, then yes, it is quite easy to make money in the city. And we have also listed some of the best choices of things you could do to easily make money.

Which Job has the Highest Salary in New York City?

I don’t know if we can ever clarify this enough, New York City is a very diverse community with available for almost every level of the individual.

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Wages or salaries in this city obviously vary based on several reasons and conditions. However, it is worth noting that the lowest recorded wage from a fast-food restaurant is $7.25 per hour.

Now, as if that isn’t enough, it may shock you to know that you can also make over $50,000 per year as a company worker. As of the day of publication of this content, the highest-paid salary job is management analysis which is approximately $93,000 annually.

How to Make Easy Money in NYC?

New York is a very industrious city filled with many creative individuals. With the right steps and guidelines, it’s not really much of a big deal to make some money there.

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Hence, we have compiled a list of 10 easy money in NYC steps for you to check out and start cashing out.

1. Renting Your Apartment

Does that sound weird? Well, it’s very possible, in fact, it has been a lucrative way of making easy money in NYC for years now. Thanks to Airbnb, people who aren’t always at home can place their rooms and apartment out for rent for a period of time online.

Moreover, the best part is that you are in charge of the price you fix, and Airbnb only takes a little percentage of the pay. You can also check the client’s review even before deciding whether you’re comfortable giving it out or not.

2. Driving

Oh yes, if you have a driver’s license, and also have access to a licensed car, you can make some money by just driving in your free time. This may sound weird, but in New York City, many companies will pay you to just deliver their products to the respective client.

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Surprisingly, even some people will personally pay you to drive them to places or to offer courier services for them. So why not make use of your car and time now to earn some easy money in NYC.

3. Becoming a Personal Coach

Are you good at sports? Then this option may be the best choice for you. You can make a lot of decent money while still doing what you like best. Just apply under an already existing firm or create your own.

Many New York citizens are willing to pay a good amount of money for you to help them get in shape. You could also become a sports coach for a team or an instructor in a gym, it’s your choice.

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4. Taking care of pets

Many people in New York City are proud owners of cute and different species of pets. However, some of these guys do not really have the time to take care of their parts all day, due to their work schedules.

This is where you come in, if you love playing with pets or taking care of them, you can make some easy money in NYC with this brilliant idea. Simply start within your neighborhood and create a good name and fame. You do simple tasks like walking your neighbor’s dog for a couple of dollars.

5. Being a Consultant

If you are good with giving suggestions and ideas for a rather complicated situation, then give this a shot. Business consultancy is a great skill that is in constant demand in New York. You can provide business plans or marketing strategies for companies and get paid for them.

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Despite having a better shot at this, it’s advisable that you already have a business-related degree as proof of qualifications. With this idea, you can make anything between $200 $3000 dollar in a month depending on the number of clients you get.

6. Becoming a Tour Guide

Global researches show that New York gets a lot of tourists visiting on an occasional basis. Now if you have a good social lifestyle and you don’t mind speaking with strangers, this is perfect.

You can simply just apply under a tourism firm or organize your own tour guide routine and get tourists to pay you for showing them around the city.

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7. Freelancing

As stated earlier, New York City has a lot of industries and individuals who are in need of creative people. People who have quality services to offer and in good time too.

You could make some easy money in NYC by being a freelancer. Online platforms like Up Work and Fiverr are great places to start from.

8. Do side hustles

Are you one of those people that have some ‘not so unique’ skills? Do you know how to paint, or clean a room and make it sparkling? These are some of the simple skills you could offer in NYC for some easy money.

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You can either make it a part-time job with a firm or simply make your flyers and get people to book your services when they need them.

9. Sell some old properties

Naturally, as we humans grow older, a lot of our properties tend to become useless to us. And most times we have this fear of letting go, so we just pile them up and occupy space for no reason.

But, do you know that you could actually sell some of these items in online stores like eBay, or even host garage sales? That way you get to earn some easy money in NYC for items that you probably won’t ever need. Besides, you also get to save up space that would have been used to store them in your apartment.

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10. Start up your own business

Last but not least on our list of ways to make some easy money in NYC is starting up your business or service firm. The only reason why this is last on our list is that it’s obviously the most common way to make money anywhere.

Once you have an idea of goods to sell or services to render, the most logical thing to do is to start it up as a business. That way you stand a chance of building a customer base while also making some money.


By the time you are reading this content, you should have a lot of ideas popping through your head on how to make money.

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Note that there are many other ways to earn some easy money in NYC, we only listed the best ways that probably don’t require much investment. So feel free to drop your own suggestions of ways to make some money, in the comment section ok?

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