Expertnaire Affiliate: Get Started & Make ₦70k Weekly

By Okoma

Are you just getting started with Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing, do you also think Expertnaire could be or is the next scam on the internet? if so you are wrong.

You would actually make ₦70,000 Weekly as an Affiliate marketer on Expertnaire affiliate marketing platforms if you follow my guide.

But before I start, I assumed you don’t know what Expertnaire affiliate marketing is, and how legit it is.

Therefore, affiliate marketing is simply a way of selling a product that doesn’t belong to you and earning a 40 – 90% commission from that product.

Simple right?…

It simply means you could earn almost 99% of the product price you are marketing.

The same applies to the Expertnaire Affiliate marketing platform, it’s a platform in Nigeria that enables you to sell digital products to those who need them and make a lot from them.

However, you don’t just focus on Nigerians alone, there are some products that so many Africans need that could be sold easily.

In short, I am going to review the best Expertnaire Affiliate products to get started and How to market Expertnaire Affiliate products.

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Disclosure: Please note that each link clicked on this page may contain referral links attached to them. Read More.

Now let’s start by finding out who owns the Expertnaire Affiliate marketing platform!

Who Owns Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform?

The Expertnaire Affiliate program is owned by Toyin Omotoso, who is one of the Top expert marketers and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

He’s equally one of Nigerian’s Top paid direct response and a professional speaker. Find out more about him here. But Before I proceed with the other information on the best Expertnaire Products to market.

Let me show you the screenshot of my earnings made from 345 sales within 120 days of Joining.


Meanwhile, another account was registered on September 22nd, 2020 using the 72IG Implementation Program, having just 19 sales.

How To Sign Up for Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

To Sign Up for the Expertnaire Affiliate marketing program, you would need to create an account on the Expertnaire Affiliate website.

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After that, you would be asked to pay the sum of ₦10,000 Expertnaire registration fee.

But as a beginner in affiliate marketing, Immediately after you are done with Expertnaire or any other affiliate marketing platform registration you may get lost on what next to do.

However, you can register with the 72IG Implementation Program and get access to the tools needed for marketing products on Expertnaire and outside Expertnaire.

In fact, most of the strategies for marketing any affiliate Products are on the 72IG Implementation Program.

The best part of this 72IG Implementation Program is that you would bypass the ₦10,000 Expertnaire registration fee, and get hands-on tools and coaching till your first sales.

The 72IG Implementation Program is a (product) that has a Value of ₦2.5m, it would help you get started with affiliate marketing.

Below is the benefit of joining the Expertnaire With the 72IG:

In other words, you can just learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer for free by registering with the 72IG Implementation Program.

You would get FREE Expertnaire Affiliate membership for 1 year with hands-on training and coaching by joining the 72IG Hour Income Program.

Get the 72-hour Income Generator On Expertnaire

Also, get INSTANT Registration to Expertnaire Affiliate Program with the above benefits.

Best Expertnaire Affiliate Products To Sell

After registration and you are ready to select a product to sell, below are the best-selling products on Expertnaire.

Below are 10 of my favorite hot-selling products or courses with their prices and the commissions you would get for selling each.

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By the names, you can easily see why they are hot-selling courses or products because many Nigerians are desperately searching for them on Udemy, Coursera, and the rest.

  • Freelance masterclass – ₦25,000 with 50% commission.
  • Google Display Ads – ₦15,000 with 50% commission.
  • US importation masterclass – ₦18,000 with 50% commission.
  • 7-figure export business program – ₦45,000 with 50% commission.
  • 28 days body transformation program – ₦12,500 with 50% commission.
  • 10x eCommerce blueprint – (another of my favorite) – ₦35,000 with 40% commission.
  • Ecomm domination mastermind – Mini importation – ₦29,999 with 40% commission.
  • High score IELTS program – N12,000 with 50% commission.
  • Passive income machine masterclass – (Another of my favorite) – ₦25,000 with 50% commission.
  • Canada Visa Guide In 3-6 Months – ( Another of my favorite) – ₦20,000.00 with 50% Commission.

Look at those prices and commissions, now close your eyes and imagine how much you can make selling them monthly.

That’s huge right?

Note that the prices and commissions above can change at any time.

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Expert Advice To Make Good Sales

Now relax and digest my personal affiliate marketing rules.

  1. While trying to start as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to market different products at once.
  2. You need to choose one particular product at a time, and master that product before you start marketing.
  3. Another thing to look out for before picking a product to market is the demand and trend.
  4. If the product would not give you as the marketer a value, then it would be so hard to sell.
  5. Do not try selling a product that promises quick money to people because everyone would think it’s a scam.
  6. The market only Digital products you may never find on any blog.

Now let’s come back to products on Expertnaire, for me, I would recommend selling a product on Expertnaire called Earn Six Figures Weekly From Home As a Virtual Assistant.

Now, why this product…

Many stay-at-home moms who speak well, write and even speak different languages would want to learn how to become virtual assistants (customer care).

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Because it is a new trending job now… If I were you as an Expertnaire Affiliate beginner, I would pick that product. Good Luck!

4 Ways To Promote Expertnaire Products

Selling Expertnaire digital products or any other at times can be confusing if you don’t know the right place to start.

Below are the first best places to start if you want to make sales.

1. WhatsApp Marketing (Best for beginners)

Whatsapp is the best place to start marketing Expertnaire affiliate products as a beginner. Now the question is why do I recommend WhatsApp for beginners?

I recommend Whatsapp because everyone uses WhatsApp, as well as other social media, but using WhatsApp for affiliate products is easy and free. You would not need to spend any money to use WhatsApp to market your products. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp Group

To get started with WhatsApp marketing, first, you need to create a WhatsApp group and Name them “Breakthrough Make 300k/month, Income Breakthrough make 25Ok /mon” or anything that would draw attention.

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See Also: How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic

Note: The Whatsapp group names above are Examples, you may want to sell travel abroad products, Visa products, or any other product, just make sure you create a group that relates to what you want to sell.

Step 2: Get People into the group

Getting people to the group has to be interest-based, you have to target people who would be interested to learn and earn or anything. you can get them on FB groups, WhatsApp statuses, and more.

Now I’m going to show you an example template to use while sharing your group link with an automated message depending on the product you would be marketing.

Let’s say the WhatsApp group name is “How to Attract Investors to Your Start-Up Business

Example Template: Do you know that there are ways to Attract Investors to finance your Start-Ups without hustle? At the event happening tomorrow at 7 PM on this group, Mr. Okoma is going to reveal the 3 ways to Attract Investors to finance your Start-Ups and how you can take advantage of them. Join Now

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Note that the above Example template should include your Whatsapp link with an automated message, not the group link. You can then send the group link if you get a message from any interested persons. Click here to see an Example automated link.

Now you can create yours by Editing the text and phone number on the template below. Just replace the ADD YOUR PHONE NUMBER with your number starting with 234 don’t add the plus sign and don’t give a space. YOUR CUSTOM MESSAGE HERE.

Step 3: Remind them a Few Days and Hours before the Event

Create Fascinating Reminders, not just a reminder.


Do you know there is a WhatsApp sales funnel that gets you 1- 10 sales within the first 72 hours of signing up as an affiliate on Expertnaire? This funnel is what I used to make my first N72k on Expertnaire. I will expose these sales funnel during the class holding in this group by 7 pm tomorrow. Don’t miss out. Class start: at 8 pm.

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Step 4: Hold the class

Before starting the class make sure you do your research well and get the proper information about the product before starting the class.

Step 5: Show Earning Proofs or results of products

People really want to know your proof before going ahead to purchase your products or the products you are marketing. You can get proofs from your sale dashboard on your affiliate platform.

But what if you are a beginner, you can show others testimonies.

Step 6. Make your First Sales

Let’s assume you have 100 group members and only 3 purchased what you are selling then you already have money for your Facebook ads.

Step 7. Close the group

After following up on your prospects for 7-14 days, you can close the group or remove them for another Batch. That’s how to make money with Expertnaire via the 72ig program without spending a dime on Ads.

You can get all this and more if you join Expertniare using the 72IG Implementation Program. It is just best if you are willing to make money online using affiliate marketing.

2. Create A Profitable Niche Blog

Now, not everyone would have the advantage of creating a blog by themselves, which requires getting a web designer to do the job for you.

3. Run Social Media Advert using Short Videos.

Social Media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are the best place to market your affiliate products, especially with videos.

So to start promoting your Expertnaire product as well as making sales, you need to create a short video about the product you need to promote.

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Talking about the benefit of the product and how it has helped, why it is important for the buyer.

To do this, Go to and search for “Video Editors“, then hire a professional video editor. But while doing this, make sure you chat with the video editor and explain what you want.

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So they can give you a custom price, though the prices may start from $10 to $150 depending on the type of video you want and the editor you hired.

You can equally Hire someone who can help in promoting your video on social media or follow the simple steps on Facebook.

4. Promote Using Email Marketing

I know where it would require you to generate Leads (email), however, you can do this without generating any emails.

Just by buying a legit and niche-focused email list on I have been doing this and it working for me, email is the best when it comes to affiliate products.

So how do you get this email list? first Go to and search for “Email marketing” and you would find different people selling legit email lists. See the image below.

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You may decide to find someone who would help with the email marketing or you just buy the email list and do the marketing yourself.

To do the email marketing by yourself, use MailChimp or SendinBlue. if you don’t know how to use MailChimp check out this post.

If you prefer using SendinBlue, see the post on how to use SendinBlue to send an email.

TIP: Check out this post on how to market using email and understand everything you need to know. This same post helped me. Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing by Neil Patel.

Join My Telegram Group For Expert Tricks

Please, Note you can only Join my group if you are new to Expertnaire or affiliate marketing and willing to join the Expertnaire affiliate program
Note: You Must be Ready to Purchase the 72IG Implementation Program. Because that alone would get you started with registration and tools, the group is for more tricks and motivations.