How to Promote Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic

By Okoma

Starting an affiliate marketing as a beginner can be so stressful and confusing. But if you understand the tricks on how to promote affiliate products using Free traffic.

Then you would be grateful. I have been receiving emails, requesting how to promote affiliate products.

In fact, the emails were directly asking me how I promote my affiliate products. So today I’m going to tell you my secret and how I promote my affiliate products using free traffics.

Back in 2018 when I started affiliate marketing referred by a friend, I never made sales. My friend also who referred me wasn’t making sales either.

We both kept on struggling to make our first sales but nothing is forthcoming and we kept asking questions from professionals.

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Sending out an email to some affiliate gurus for help and they kept on talking about free traffics. But never explained how we can promote affiliate products using free traffic.

Then I started to do some research and came up with some effective ways I used to make my first sales.

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Now let me show you what I did and how I did it…

How I Promote My Affiliate Products Using Free Traffic

While I was struggling to make my first sales, so many things happened that I almost gave up.

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But the moment I did my research and found these tricks. Boom… I landed my first two (2) affiliate sales using the free traffic from

The medium was the first place I made my first hosting affiliate sales, then I was running an affiliate program with Blue Host.

I never believed I can make such sales… How did I do that?

hosting affiliate sales

Okay, relax… Let me tell you.

Through my research, I found out that you can never make affiliate sales without content. You need to let your buyers know the benefit of buying the products.

As well as the reason he/she should leave his existing product and switch to the one you recommended.

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Before this time, I was always posting my affiliate links on social media, forums, and YouTube comment sections.

Therefore spamming the links, instead of marketing the products. The worst part was I was thinking am promoting my affiliate products Using free Traffic.

Due to what the affiliate guru asked me to do, ” Promote Affiliate products Using free traffic ” was confused and thought it was this way.

The Steps I Took Before The Sales

When I found out the reason I wasn’t making sales was that I was actually spamming, instead of marketing.

And that the only way was by writing convincing content and review. I started searching for good writers.

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Though I made the sales through free traffic from medium, because I can’t write blog content then, I have to pay for a professional writer on to do the writing.

I spent about $7 while trying to purchase the article, but it was worth the money.

Now follow these steps to promote your affiliate products using free traffic.

Step 1: Find a Professional Writer

If you can’t write engaging blog content, you can find a professional writer on to do the writing for you. Just click here to get started.

Once the page opens, use the search term “affiliate articles” in the search box and then click the search button. See the image below;

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affiliate articles Fiverr

Then you would be redirected to a page where you would find a list of professional affiliate articles writers.

These writers placed different price tags on their gigs, but the lowest price you may get is $10.

However, always try to see the sellers’ ratings and reviews before buying. Just to make sure I’m dealing with a good writer.

Step 2: Create a Medium Account

Creating a medium account is as easy as creating a Facebook account. The first thing is to log on to, then click on the Get started button.

However, you can also register using the popup google registration card implemented by medium if you are using a google chrome browser.

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But Then after clicking the Get started button, a box would pop up, asking you to join the medium using, either Facebook, Google account, or your email.

Now, here I would recommend you use your email so you would be able to set a password for your account.

medium account

After creating and verifying your account, head over to the top and click on your profile icon. Then click on the Settings link to set up your account.

By adding your profile picture, bio, username, and custom domain if you have any. You may also learn how to start a profitable blog, therefore, understanding how to buy a custom domain.

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Now, click on the profile icon once again for a drop-down menu, and click the “Write a story” link to start your article.

Step 3: Write Your affiliate Article

Now that you are done by creating an account with the medium, it is time to start writing your affiliate article. This would help us promote affiliate products using free traffic from

After clicking on the write a story link, the sample image below would be the next.

Then you can now type the title of the article after then start writing your affiliate article.

Note: While writing an affiliate review or article on medium, make sure you include an Affiliate Disclosure Notice.

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Affiliate Link Disclosure: Please note that each link clicked on this page may contain referral links attached to them.

And also shorten your affiliate links using Bitly URL Shortener.

Best Practice For affiliate Products (Important)

Practice 1:

If you are promoting an affiliate product that doesn’t have a custom sales landing page. Make sure you don’t send buyers to the product page.

Create a beautiful landing page for the product using the Unbounce landing page. This way you can convert the visitors to customers, even if they did not buy the product.

Practice 2:

While promoting on medium, you can also promote using the same article in a blog post of a friend or find a blog where you can write a guest post with your article.

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These are lists of 300+ blogs where you can write a guest post using your article by adding the affiliate link. List of 300+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions.

Takeaway Advice

As an affiliate marketer, you need to have your own blog, so you can create a landing page for any of your affiliate products.

This way you can generate leads and build a large audience for your blog and products.

Because, instead of sharing the affiliate product links on social media, you share the landing page link. With some attractive captions which would drive sales.

Note that landing pages help to hype a product, forcing anyone to buy that product, which is what affiliate marketing is all about. Hyping a product for sales.

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